SnapChat is one of the hottest social media apps and it’s still growing in popularity. This app allows users to send messages to each other that disappear after a few seconds. These could be text, picture, or video messages. The recipient can open and view the message for one to ten seconds.

The SnapChat user base is largely driven by teenage users. But even if your customer base isn’t teenagers, don’t dismiss the idea of using SnapChat to market your business. Several brands have effectively leveraged SnapChat to create viral campaigns.

Taco Bell opted to send private snaps of their newest burrito to their followers before debuting it publicly. They created a positive buzz about their new product and came up with an innovative way to market their business. This underscores an important aspect of SnapChat. Users of this social media platform want to connect with your brand. You can give them this feeling of connection by offering exclusive deals available only to your SnapChat followers.

The popular ice cream chain, 16 Handles, also used SnapChat to increase their marketing reach. Users that followed 16 Handles on SnapChat were invited to send pictures of their ice cream flavor. In return, users were messaged a coupon code that they could apply to their purchase right then. By doing this, 16 Handles effectively used SnapChat to grow their brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Diet Coke is another major branded that has leveraged the benefits of using SnapChat. As a sponsor for Taylor Swift’s Red tour, Diet Coke could have given away tickets on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but they didn’t. Instead, Diet Coke launched a five-day scavenger hunt with concert tickets as the prize. Not only did the smart marketers behind Diet Coke expand the brand’s reach, they also garnered plenty of positive publicity, too.

Even the New Orleans Saints use SnapChat as part of their marketing tactics. They post behind the scenes videos of their players as well as pictures of new merchandise before it’s released. This proves that no matter what industry you’re in, your business can benefit from using SnapChat.

SnapChat is a valuable marketing tool. But it can be hard to know where to start. So try first to determine what kind of campaign you want to run. Good campaign ideas include discounts, contests, or scavenger hunts.

Then decide on a prize or discount to offer your users. You want it to be something that your followers want enough to interact with your brand. For example, concert tickets were a prize for Diet Coke’s scavenger hunt. But what if the prize had only been a stick of gum? Followers wouldn’t have responded to that prize.

Remember that SnapChat is just like other type of social media. Creating a profile isn’t enough. You need to have a clear goal of how you want your SnapChat profile to benefit your customers and grow your brand.